Weevil Weekly Issue #143 Review

Hello Bin Weevils,

The cover of Weevil Weekly is a picture of Scribbles gymnastics/international room:



Page 3-4: Have you enjoyed decorating your nest with the new ‘Medieval Themed’ Nest Items? Well, what good news this is! There are some new items coming out very soon. Are you a ‘Bunty’ fan? Well lucky you! One of the Medieval Items will be a Bunty tapestry.



Pages 5-6: It looks like Scribbles has created a new Medieval nest room! Check it out:



Pages 7-8: Summer Sports, do you like summer? Do you like sports? If so, these are the nest items for YOU! To get in the spirit decorate your room with these cool nest items like Scribbles did.



Pages 9-10: Looks like Scribbles has been busy, ANOTHER awesome gymnastics room! Check it out:



Pages 11-12: Are you a fan of trophies? Olympics? sport? Gong? If so, make sure you keep your eye on the Whats’s New Blog to make sure that you don’t miss the awesome new photo studio items coming soon!



Pages 13-14: Have your Bin Buddies been telling you that you should try out there AWESOME new track at Dirt Valley- you can’t find it with all of the other bin tactic tracks in the way… Well not to worry! The Bin Weevils team have added an awesome new feature- ‘My Buddies’. If you click it you’ll be able to see all your buddies’ wonderful tracks.



Page 15, 16, 17 and 18: Are you a Diary Of A Wimpy Kid fan? Well I am! And if you are, this is something you WON’T want to miss! Why don’t you head over to ‘Rum’s Airport’ and get fly on over to Wimpy Kid resort? There’s alot to see and do!



Pages 19-20: Are you a fan of Gong? Well, head make sure you head back here on Sunday for the answer to the Weekend Puzzle Challenge. You’ll be rewarded with an awesome Gong Figure, like the one in the picture below:



Page 21: 



Images taken from Weevil Weekly.

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