Thanks to anyone who voted – please keep checking back and telling your friends!

Bin Weevil Clan

The Bin Weevil Clan Best Site awards has closed! The results are in:


Weevily World won with a humongous 70 votes!  they received over half of the votes! Weevily World will be permanently on the Hall of Fame Page

Weevily X came in second place with 20 votes

And Dramaqueens180bwhelp  came in third with 13 votes

All of these sites did get into the Twist and should be very proud! They are all magnificent websites!

Here are the trophies and certificates, I have decided to make Certificates for all of the websites in the Twist because they deserve them! 





Please do visit these magnificent sites! Congratulations to you all! You really deserve these!

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I have 3 weevils called DRAMAQUEEN180 (tycoon)-currently level 64, DRAMAQUEEN100 (tycoon)-currently level 59 and Honeyb (non tycoon) currently level 15. I am a kind weevil who likes to have fun with my buds. My favourite bin is Grime and I like to play binweevils pool-though the more practice I get-by playing on all 3 weevils, the worse I seem to play lol! I am author for www. binmasterseanlego7.wordpress and also I am relatively new to blogging and still have a lot to learn. My aim is to help others.

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