SWS missions

I have completed ALL my missions so wasn`t aware that under the new Bin Weevils change of events, that not ONLY do weevils have to BUY plazas now, when previously they got them as part of their tycoon membership and just pay mulch to open the rooms, but that now weevils have to PAY Dosh to do a mission!!!

I had to create a new weevil to check this out and unfortunatley it is true!

Mission 1 now costs 1 Dosh, I`m not sure how much each mission is and on the new weevil I do not have enough Dosh to find out either!

Is there anyone else who knows this information?

Do the missions cost MORE, the higher and harder the mission?

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I have 3 weevils called DRAMAQUEEN180 (tycoon)-currently level 64, DRAMAQUEEN100 (tycoon)-currently level 59 and Honeyb (non tycoon) currently level 15. I am a kind weevil who likes to have fun with my buds. My favourite bin is Grime and I like to play binweevils pool-though the more practice I get-by playing on all 3 weevils, the worse I seem to play lol! I am author for www. binmasterseanlego7.wordpress and also www.bwgangcheats.wordpress.com. I am relatively new to blogging and still have a lot to learn. My aim is to help others.

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  1. Bin Weevils have made this very unbelievable! Apparently when you are an SWS agent you have to save the Bin, Why would we pay DOSH to save the bin? They’ve just made DOSH to make real money in the outside world! They’ve also delayed the Bank of Dosh appearance so people spend money on DOSH! This is a money making scheme and I will defiantly not give another penny to Bin Weevils! Who Agrees? And I’m sorry drama that you can not do the mission I hope everything turns out well.

    • I am in 100% agreement.
      To gain an editor to make sws missions, firstly they would have to be tycoon, secondly they would have to have not done any of the missions, therefore I would have to PAY to do the missions, so I have gone the easy route and uploaded from you tube. Such a shame.
      I was going to get Dosh top up for Honeyb (my non tycoon weevil) to get a hat, but to collect the Dosh you have to be a tycoon, yet another money making scheme.
      I much preferred the OLD binweevils, before Dosh came into it.

      • I also prefer the OLD Binweevils, DOSH is a obvious scheme! It is a shame that you couldn’t make the SWS missions, You are welcome to copy the videos of my SWS page, i had to copy them from you tube to! I was angry because i always prefer Original work! Well as i said you are welcome to take the videos off my SWS page! I think i might make a debate on my website about DOSH!

  2. I HIGHLY agree with everything you have said!

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