Which Story Do You Like The Best?

Please take some time to read the stories sent in for the story competition, on the home pagestory competition page.

Vote for your favourite story, however, this does not mean that that story will be the winning story!

I will decide the overall winning entry!

Please vote fairly, and ONLY vote for your  favourite story, and NOT your favourite author!

Good luck to all entrants

Please like, share and re – blog this post!

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I have 3 weevils called DRAMAQUEEN180 (tycoon)-currently level 64, DRAMAQUEEN100 (tycoon)-currently level 59 and Honeyb (non tycoon) currently level 15. I am a kind weevil who likes to have fun with my buds. My favourite bin is Grime and I like to play binweevils pool-though the more practice I get-by playing on all 3 weevils, the worse I seem to play lol! I am author for www. binmasterseanlego7.wordpress and also www.bwgangcheats.wordpress.com. I am relatively new to blogging and still have a lot to learn. My aim is to help others.

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  1. Reblogged this on bwgangdotcom and commented:
    hello weevils please vote bear3541 click on the link to vote !!!

  2. The only reason I have one vote is because I voted for myself.. 😦

  3. My story is so short and boring compared to others.. idk

  4. i intend to become a writer when i am older so this competition really helped me

    • Im glad that getting people to write, and to see others ideas gives inspiration to people like yourself and i hope that you fulfil your dreams to be a writer.

  5. dramaqueen you ought to make it so that you can vote as many times as you want because then that would be more interesting

    • I don`t agree with voting as many times as you want, as people will repeatedly vote for themselves, not showing a true picture of fair voting.

  6. dramaqueen does this mean that the votes on the poll dont matter then?

    • The votes will not count in the final decision – I will choose the winner, as I have been told that people will probably vote best author , rather than story.
      I did the poll so that people could see what others thought of their stories – not to be the result of the winning entry!
      That is the twist!

  7. Thats true…I will read each story thoroughly and whoever wins, its due to their storywriting and NOT who they are.

  8. Hello DRAMA can i be an Editor on your site i will be on here daily and enny mistakes i will make correct please i really wanna be an editor

    • I already have enough editors already, sorry bear.
      As for correcting mistakes, you have one in your comment `enny` should be any lolz!
      I dont have mistakes to correct, as I use spellcheker to make sure of that!

  9. drama i didn’t look throgh them cuz im in it and i got 8 votes but that dosn’t meen i will win

  10. Reblogged this on binweevils blogger .

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