Inks we want it back !!!

It was normally very busy at Inks
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Please note this is a trial that I have undertaken sam10000000000 and let him create a post as  a temporary author.

Inks was the old Flums Fountain and it was a lot better as there were games at the top (as seen in the picture).

Not many of you will have seen it as it was in the old bin, but some people found a way in! The way in was through your teleporter now being used to advertise “Bin Bots” (more info on them when they arrive).

Well what u did was you kept using your teleporter and eventually you would arrive at Inks. You may have also arrived at Kips Scrapyard or Peel park.

Anyway what happened was you would end up there.

A few major protests have happened but the Binweevils team have not taken any action which is a shame but I would like to organise a email bombardment on them asking if we can have Inks back!!!

Please list reasons you want it back and your weevil name to Bin Weevils at  Send them an email, but remember to click sugestions in reason box!

Thank you for reading my article remember to send your email.

Please comment if you enjoyed my post as this is a post to see if I get author or not!


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  1. I think this was a very good post!

  2. i never saw inks cuz i came on in december the 24th 2011 but i just want the bin to be like it is

    • I never got to see inks either, but heard lots about it, and seen the pictures. I do like the bin how it is, however, I do not like the new changes as in the Dosh currency, non tycoons getting the same privelledges as tycoons, non tycoons not been able to get Dosh, and yet can not have Dosh top ups as you have to be tycoon to collect the earnings from the cash machine!
      Its turning into a money making scheme.

  3. I thought this was an terrific post that you have made, and it did grab my attention and it was interesting too!Same here I started Binweevils on the 5th of April 2012!

  4. Thank you i’m going to write another post.

  5. i started on the 24th of December 2011 and when I create my site around that time ill do a post and im gonna have a MASSIVE party at my nest

  6. every one i think kips scrap yard is returning

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