Hello Bin Weevils!

Welcome to the Weevily World review of Issue #6 of the official Bin Weevils Magazine, which went on sale today!

With Issue #6, you will receive a code for 10 free DOSH, an exclusive Mulch Mayhem trading Card of Monty, a pack of sweets  and codes for two exclusive nest items – a Tink Throne and a Clott Throne!

The first thing DRAMAQUEEN180 did was to parade along to the Mystery Code Machine  outside  Labs Lab to redeem her codes, for an opportunity that was to not be throne away!

The codes from the Bin Weevils Magazines are once time use ONLY!

In our picture you can see the new Tink Throne and the Clott Throne.

Once I redeemed my codes, I opened up the magazine to take a peek inside and fold and tape together, whilst eating my sweetie lol!

The magazine front and back cover removes, once you have finished reading your magazine, and you can make a mini model of  Castle Gam, with Gam, Clott , Tink, The Guards, Rigg and the evil henchmen all included for hours of role play fun!

Simply cut along the dotted lines, fold and tape/glue together and Hey Presto!

There is a hunt to locate 10 Mulch Coins throughout the magazine, so  get your weevily eyes open, to spot them!

Monty`s Weevil News

We meet  Bin Weevils character Wink, who is a pirate ready to set sail on one of her most exciting expeditions of all time.

We discover that there are MORE islands off the coast of Mulch island and a secret magical island.

Rott has given Wink a secret mission to look out for things on her travels – possibly a new mission, lets hope so!!!

We are also lucky enough to have a sneak preview of 2 new items, coming soon to the shopping mall – the Golden Carriage and the Regal Bed!

Pages 6 – 7  feature the comedy duo Tink and Clott in their comic strip ” The Adventures Of Tink And ClottChase that Chewie, concludes on pages 36 -37 Part 2″

Pages 8 – 11  is all about the SWS Secret Mission `The Blue Diamond` – Part 2.

Complete all the games/activities to get from the transporter pad all the way to the last level, which is the mega maze, where you will get to the Blue Diamond and complete your mission!

Pages 12 – 13 contain Monty`s Inside Information, Monty interviews Tink and Clott, and some lucky readers had the opportunity to ask some interview questions to Tink and Clott!

Pages 14 -15 features All about Dosh`s palace, we get to see how Dosh`s palace used to look before its re – refurbishment!,

We find out that when they changed the exterior of Dosh`s palace, there are still vaults and passages underneath that remain and there are secrets to be found in the basement!!!!

Dosh does not even know the answer, however his great Uncle Slosh, who was a mad inventor, may hold the answers!

What secrets  do you think could be lurking in the basement?

Pages 16 – 17  See which Bin weevil you are most like, by following the Family Tree!

DRAMAQUEEN180 did this quick quiz and it turns out that she is most like Jott, who speaks his mind and likes to make an impression!

Doesn`t sound like me at all lolz!

Pages 18 -19  contains some great puzzles from Lab`s Lab, to prepare you for your Daily Brain Strain!

Turn to Page 20 and get to together with your friends to take part in Mem`s Memory Quiz, look at the picture featured and then cover it and ask questions to see what you remember from itI think it would be a close contest between Clott and myself!

The Centre pages pull out for The Rott Family Poster.

Win Trading card Starter Packs by completing the puzzle and sending your entry off – don`t forget DRAMAQUEEN180 is doing a competition to win the same prize, closing date is TOMORROW so hurry if you want to win this great prize!

Page 26 features Garden of The Month winner, chosen by Mudd is  molzie2778, who receives the prestigious Mudd Trophy.

There are 3 second place gardens, which are awarded to voldamort, marketmancal (one of my good bin weevil buddies!) and  abcdeflo, well done to those deserving winners! Keep checking the Whats New Blog for Mudd`s next visit!

On pages 28 -29 you will find Monty`s Mag – Making Masterclass where you will find top tips on how to create a great magazine!

Scribbles features and reviews some Bin Weevils very own magazines!

Note that ONLY Tycoons can make magazines.

Pages 30 -31 Introducing  Garbage Bot who is one of the Bin Bots, that feature on the video in the porthole in your nest!

`Where did Bin Bots Come From` (quoted from the official Bin Weevils Magazine issue #6)

`No one seems to know, but the Bin is buzzing with theories and rumours.  Some think that the Bin Bots come from another land, far awayWhilst others think some weevily big brainboxes in the bin invented themThough  Ram is a whizz with a computer and Kem tinkers away with postions, as well as Lab and his crazy concoction of experiments!`

What are your thoughts?

Pages 32 -33 contains Sums Shopping Puzzles, see if you can solve the tricky shopping related puzzles!

Turn to pages 34 -35 to find out who Glamm chose as her Best Nest Winner!  Congratulations to L199 for winning the prestigious Best Nest Trophy, There are 3 second place winners, who are Antonia184, 06Kpres and fawno111 – well done to those winners!

Keep checking the What`s New Blog for Glamms next visit!

Pages 40 -41 feature Your Weevily Awesome Art entries. The Winner for The Best Picture is awarded to adenice, who receives an exclusive trophy for her fabulous picture of Dosh!  Also featured are pictures from CHELSEE, Bamnat, grapper1, TB6328, pink6483 and Bind765.

Well done to all those entrants and don`t forget if you would like your art work to have a chance at been featured in the Bin Weevils Magazine, then get busy drawing, and get them sent in!

That is the end of the extensive Weevily World review of the Bin Weevils Magazine issue #6 from DRAMAQUEEN180, hope you enjoyed it!

In the next issue of Bin Weevils Magazine, which goes on sale on September 12th, there will be 100 free stickers, an exclusive limited edition GLAMM trading Card, Make Ham`s racing car and 2 free exclusive nest items – classic car set!

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All rights reserved by Bin Weevils Ltd. Egmont Publications, PANINI & Weevily World and dramaqueen180 binweevils help guide



I have 3 weevils called DRAMAQUEEN180 (tycoon)-currently level 64, DRAMAQUEEN100 (tycoon)-currently level 59 and Honeyb (non tycoon) currently level 15. I am a kind weevil who likes to have fun with my buds. My favourite bin is Grime and I like to play binweevils pool-though the more practice I get-by playing on all 3 weevils, the worse I seem to play lol! I am author for www. binmasterseanlego7.wordpress and also www.bwgangcheats.wordpress.com. I am relatively new to blogging and still have a lot to learn. My aim is to help others.

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  1. i like old theme. to much like weevily world. PS wont be soo tho im gonnan help judisue son woth a new background and theme anbd header 🙂

  2. issue #6 is epicly sick i have it 10 dosh coins yay!!

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