Hello Bin Weevils,

The cover of Weevil Weekly is a picture of a cool room that is filled with bronze, silver and gold trophies! Could this be a clue to the Nest Inspector’s return? Ooh….

PAGES 3-4: Tink and Clott thrones are on there way! Actually, they’re already here! If you’re a fan of Tink, Clott, Thrones or both these thrones are for you! Make sure to head on over to your local News Agents and get your hands on Issue #6 of the Offical Bin Weevils Magazine. Remember the codes are one use only!

PAGES 5-6: Wow! Bin-tastic. Check out Scribbles’ awesome Tink and Clott room:

PAGES 7-8: Did you forget to send your entry into the Fan Art Comp? Not to worry! Scribbles has let all of us get 20 more days to design or send in your cool artwork! Winners get a Scribbles’ prize pack of five awesome things. Remember- your drawing must include Scribbles! Get Drawing! Just changing the subject quite a bit! BIN PET TOYS! There are some awesome new Bin Pet toys out! Head to the mall now to grab the awesome toys!

PAGES 9-10: LAB’S SUPER SUMMER SALE! Isn’t Summer just the perfect time for experiments? Well Lab thinks so! He is being very kind because next week ALL Lab’s items will be at a special price!


PAGES 11-12: Scribbles’ Lab’s Lab room!

PAGES: 13-14: Yes! It was! Remember the cover page of Weevil Weekly, didn’t it seem like a clue to the NEST INSPECTOR’S return? Well everyone who thought that was right! They were the new NEST INSPECTOR’S trophies. Aren’t they lush? But I must admit, there are quite similar to GLAMM’S. Apparently, the NEST INSPECTOR has ALSO came up with a better way to rate nests etc.

PAGES 15-16: Pre-Order New Books. At the end of the month the Nest Inspector’s handbook will be coming out. Make sure you get your Weevily Hands on this book! Go onto Bin Weevils Shop to buy it. A change of subject! New fairy tale items coming to the mall very soon. Keep your eye on the whats new blog to find out when they are out!

PAGES 17-18: Aww… how cute! Nearly made me cry. Check out Scribbles’ fantastic room.

PAGES 19-20: ISSUE #6 POSTER is up for grabs very soon. The answer to the quiz will be here on Weevily World as soon as the quiz comes out! Now, weekend puzzle challenge! Check back to Weevily World this Sunday to find the solutions. You will get a Lab potion from the code.

PAGE 21: Another picture of the Nest Inspector’s Fab trophies!

Images taken from Weevil Weekly.

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