Exclusive News ……ScatterBrainz coming to Bin Weevils Soon

ScattterBrainz are sticky darts that are fired from a Bazooka missile onto a ScatterBrainz dartboard 

They are been introduced to Bin Weevils September 2012, with links to the ScatterBrainz website  – which can be seen here !

Once you visit the site yiou can download and print posters, dartboards and explore the room, finding out about the different types of ScatterBrainz sticky Darts!

ScatterBrainz Brain Bazooka

The chamber can hold 5 ScatterBrainz darts and fire at a whopping 15 metres radius!

The Darts are different charcters which each have Likes, Dislikes and Hobbies.

There are 64 different types of darts currently, with more to come!

ScatterBrainz Darts

The Darts can be stored in a tin called a Mental Case.

There are 8 dartboards available. Each dartboard features a different game with its own set of rules!

“Schools across the UK will also be taking part in a national competition to design a new ScatterBrainz character, with prizes up for grabs for the winner.”

This is so exciting and I for one can`t wait until ScatterBrainz comes to Bin Weevils to take part in the experience!

All rights reserved by Jakks Pacific, ScatterBrainz and Bin Weevils Ltd

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I have 3 weevils called DRAMAQUEEN180 (tycoon)-currently level 64, DRAMAQUEEN100 (tycoon)-currently level 59 and Honeyb (non tycoon) currently level 15. I am a kind weevil who likes to have fun with my buds. My favourite bin is Grime and I like to play binweevils pool-though the more practice I get-by playing on all 3 weevils, the worse I seem to play lol! I am author for www. binmasterseanlego7.wordpress and also www.bwgangcheats.wordpress.com. I am relatively new to blogging and still have a lot to learn. My aim is to help others.

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