Hi guys I am a new contributor on this blog for a week I will make this a good week for all of you!


About bugzzymalone

My name is bugzzymalone.I am currently level 29.My favorite blog is bin master cheats as it updates daily.I like bin weevils and Nintendo

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  1. Guys this will only be a week but i might be a author on bin master and you might see me there

  2. Dramaqueen how comes ppl like me asked u to be a author but u said no. Now since u said no to us “reading-everyday” viewers, u let him! thats no fair how comes u said no to us when u let him 😦

    • I am allowing bugzzymalone to experiment with wordpress in case he wishes to make his own site, this is a temporary role, as a contributer – NOT author, and like I said I am not taking on authors. I am giving bugzzymalone the opportunity to have a go on wordpress and maybe get his name known to others.
      Bugzzymalone is a regular reader of my site and follower and I am giving him a chance to gain some experience.

      • Whoops I TOOK my mind of contributer because i didnt know what it meant. Sorry if i harmed your feelings :/

      • No hard feelings 🙂
        Sorry if I sounded abrupt, I just believe in giving people a chance to experiment, and as contributer, I get to check the post and edit if neccessary before it is posted.

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