We want Inks Orange Peel+Party

Hi guys as many of you know inks orange peel was a very popular place on bin weevils and many of you want it back but the bw team wont get it back for us.I will get it for us this is how.  Tomorrow (30 august) Grime at 4pm,  flums fountain I will be hosting  a party to get inks orange peel and we will also go to my nest and all what you got to do is change your colours  to orange!!


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About bugzzymalone

My name is bugzzymalone.I am currently level 29.My favorite blog is bin master cheats as it updates daily.I like bin weevils and Nintendo

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    I was around in bw I think around the time when flums fountain was very new!

  2. I really appreciate the re blogs

  3. Bugzy! Its yoshi6601 here! – Epic post by the way and I will be coming to the party!

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