SWS Mission Walkthrough Guides

This page will gain you access to video footage of the walkthrough guides, giving you a step by step and a running commentary of what to do.

The good thing is that whilst you are doing the mission, you can pause the video so that you are following it at your pace.

Raiders of The Lost Bin Pet (click here)

Head over to Castle Gam take part, this mission will cost 1 Dosh.

Raiders of the Lost Bin Pet  – part 2 (click here)

The Hunt for Weevil X – part one (click here)

Danger at Dosh`s Palace (click here)

The Hunt For Weevil X – part 1 (click here)

The Hunt For Weevil X  – part 2 -(click here)

Showdown at Tycoon TV Towers (click here)

 SWS Mission Trouble At Castle Gam – part 1 (click here)

Trouble at Castle Gam –  Part 2  (click here)

Totem of the Aztecs (click here)

The Lost Silver Knight (click here)

The Blue Diamond – Part 1 (click here)

Laboratory Lockdown  (click here)


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