DRAMAQUEEN180 takes a break….UPDATE

I need to clarify something as I
have seen the comments about me been on a break. That was my intention but I have made the hardest decision to give it up altogether and to leave Tyana2005 in charge. I did say she can change the name if she wishes. I am deeply upset however for all time, effort and content I put on my blog for it to lose credibility by posting and approving petty insults. I havent quite retired so I may post from time to time.
I hope this clears everything up and I am sorry authors for not pre warning you. I am going through a difficult time which is my reason for leaving. I dont have the time, enthusiasm or motivation to be an efficient author.
Best of luck with the blog and please do keep visiting!


Tyana2005 takes of DRAMAQUEEN180 blog.

Hi everyone.

I’m Tyana2005. Drama needs a big break from blogging, now this blog is mine. Please keep visiting it. The blog’s address will stay the same, so you can still find it!


DRAMAQUEEN180 featured in Binweevils latest mag

Hello Bin Weevils

I have been told by the lovely Judisue that DRAMAQUEEN180 is featured in the latest edition of the Bin Weevils magazine!

Imagine my surprise to find this out as I was not aware, I still have to yet buy the magazine to have a sneak peek, but a big thank you to everyone who has commented and congratulated me!!


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DRAMAQUEEN180`s / Weevily World Halloween Party

I am organizing a Halloween Party on Halloween Eve so that all you weevils can still go trick or treating without missing the fun.

I still remain deputy editor with Weevily World and still author of Tyana2005 and DRAMA`s Gang, though my role is an occassional one, due to other commitments which means that I can not give 100% dedication to running a blog full time.  I will be attending the party, (hopefully Judisue will be attending als0) and posting the after party pictures.  I am really looking forward to be seeing as many of you as possible : )

Please re – blog this to let as many weevils as possible know about this party as I don`t know when Ill be around next!

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Hello Bin Weevils!

Sports Star Football by Character, has arrived at Slam’s Party Box and as our Weevily Worldblog weevil lazy-jay, is just crazy about football, we sent him over to the new Sports Star Stadium, to get you the low-down.

Here’s lazy-jay, outside the new Sports Star Stadium at Slam’s Party Box.   

Inside the Sports Stars Stadium.

Enter the competition for a chance to win a Sport Stars Football 4-in-1 Stadium Mega Set.  There are also 10 Sports Stars Football Spot Kick Sets runners-up prizes!

Make Sure you look for the Golden Boot, every day to earn 50 Mulch.

For the Bubble Hunt, find each of the five players hidden around the bin and earn 50 Mulch for each one you find.  (Bubble Hunt locations are at the end of this post.)

Click on Product Info to learn more about Sports Stars Football.

Click Become a Fan to claim a Sports Stars Fan Poster for your nest!

Click Nest Item to claim your Golden Boot nest item.

lazy-jay loves his new Sports Star Football Golden Boot nest item – it sparkles when you click on it!

Head over to the players tunnel and click Team Photo Area to take pictures for your nest rooms.

Is your weevil in this picture with lazy-jay?

Click on Pairs Game to earn 100 Mulch every day.

Click on Wordsearch and earn 10 Mulch for each word you find, plus 100 Mulch when you complete the puzzle.

There are 16 words to find in the Sports Star Football Wordsearch.

To visit the Character Games homepage, please click here.

Weevily World will post the location of the Sports Star Football Golden Boot every day.

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First posted on Weevily World by judisue Click link to visit!

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Im bit busy to post now.

Bin bots!!!

Bin bots!!!

Have you seen the new portals it gives you a intro to the first bin bots!!!!!

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